Trans and Queer Youth Community Meeting

Join us for our quarterly Community Meeting!

Our Community Meeting on Friday, July 27 @ 5:30-7:30pm (during regular drop-ins) is for all LGBTQ+ youth age 21 or under, even if you’ve never been to Stonewall before. We’ll talk about what’s happening at Stonewall Youth, make plans for events and activities (what do YOU want to do at Stonewall?), talk and listen to each other’s feedback about how things have been going at Stonewall, and conspire on how all of us can show up for social justice in our community. THERE WILL BE PIZZA AND ICE CREAM. We’ll also have our regular drop-ins from 4-5:30pm.

GLITTER CAMP: 8/28 – 8/31

SAVE THE DATE for Glitter Camp! We’ll post registration information soon, along with many more details and a new snazzy poster.

Glitter Camp is Stonewall Youth’s annual retreat for LGBTQ+ youth 21 & under, Stonewall staff, volunteers and Board members. LGBTQ+ youth who’ve never attended Stonewall’s programs are welcome!

Glitter Camp is FREE for all attendees, though we could certainly use donations to cover our costs!

At camp, there will be youth-led workshops, an open mic, free time, plenty of great food, opportunities for nature walks, storytelling, and sitting by a cozy fire. We spend some time visioning Stonewall’s future programs, as well as engaging in community building, anti-oppression, and self-care centered activities. We’ll all share the pleasure of cooking, eating, and cleaning together.

Glitter Camp takes place at the Sound View Camp and Retreat Center, in the Calvinwood building. More information can be found here:

We will be carpooling to camp from the Stonewall Youth office.

As we said above, MORE DETAILS ARE COMING SOON and will be posted here and on Facebook!

We are excited to see you at camp!!!!!

Camping Trip

Stonewall is going camping at Lake Sylvia!!!! 

All LGBTQ+ youth 21 and under are invited. It’s free!
All youth will need to provide a permission slip and fill out an application by July 22. Click here to fill out the application. 
We’ll provide food, transportation, and Stonewall staff and volunteers will serve as your “camp counselors.”
Youth will need to bring all the essential supplies OR tell us what we need to provide for you: A tent (maybe one that can fit other people), a sleeping bag, toiletries, clothing, a pillow, camping chairs, fishing poles, other camping fun things etc. If you have extras of these, or have a large tent (we’d love to be able to find a 8-10+ person tent for youth to share!) please contact Lili as soon as possible, at or through Stonewall Youth’s facebook message. We’re trying to build a solid selection of supplies for youth that don’t have any/are unable to purchase them before the trip.
We are also looking for volunteers! Drivers especially. Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re interested in volunteering during our camping trip. Being a driver isn’t a necessity but would be greatly appreciated.
Stonewall will provide food and some snacks, but bring some if you’re able too, especially to share!


If you’re interested in going you need to fill this out by July 22nd:

OMG, we’re having another dance!!!

All LGBTQ+ youth (21 & under) are welcome to join us at our PRIDE DANCE!   It’s FREE! 

Our Pride Dance is on June 30 this year to celebrate the 49th anniversary of the Stonewall riots (for more info on the riots, see

The theme is “Go All OUT!” You’re encouraged to dress formal and fabulous. And you can also just come as you are, wearing anything you’d like. Along with dancing, there will be games and other activities, as well as a quiet space. And of course there will be pizza and other snacks.

The dance is at our headquarters in downtown Olympia, just a block from the Transit Center: 112 State Ave. NE, Olympia WA 98501

Tell all your friends! Bring all your friends! Dance with all your friends! Take pictures with all your friends and random people!

See Less

Join us at our SPACE PROM on Saturday, May 19 at 7-10pm for lots of fun, snacks, dancing, and more! We encourage you to dress to express something that “space” means to you…you could be a planet, a star, a rocket, a being from another planet…there’s a whole universe of options open to you! (And you can also just come as you are, wearing anything you’d like.)

This event is for LGBTQ+ youth 21 and under, and their allies, and it’s FREE!

The Prom’s at our fabulous office in downtown Olympia, just a block from the Transit Center: 112 State Ave. NE, Olympia WA 98501

Tell all your friends! Bring all your friends!  Dance with all your friends! Take pictures with all your friends and random people!

Are you a parent or legal guardian of an LGBTQ+ youth aged 12-21 years old? Join us at Stonewall Youth for an open house at our space in downtown Olympia!

We welcome all parents and guardians to this open house to become acquainted with Stonewall Youth’s staff, get familiarized with the many services that are offered at Stonewall, and get a feel for the space itself. Come and see how Stonewall Youth may be useful and beneficial to the LGBTQ+ youth you love and care about! Come and enjoy refreshments, and get information about our work.

When: Thursday, May 10 at 7pm

Where:  Our headquarters in downtown Olympia:  112 State Ave NE, Olympia 98501.  We are less than a block from the Intercity Transit Station, and near the corner of Capitol Way and State Ave.



All LGBTQ+ youth (21 & under) are invited to our first 2018 Stonewall Activism Saturday School (SASS)!

THEME:  Growing Towards Liberation.  We’ll  have workshops that will create a space for us to communally learn about our growth zones, anti-oppression, and privilege that we and others hold. SASS is a space for us to build in community together, learn from and with one another, and spend time analyzing the world around us.

DATE & TIME:  Friday, June 8 & Saturday, June 9.  Please arrive at 5:30pm on Friday for registration.  (Saturday start time TBA.) . We’re also having a SLEEPOVER on Friday night!  We have a maximum attendance of 30 youth for all of SASS programming and are hosting a sleepover in the space for the first 15 youth who are interested. (You are not required to sleepover in the space, but if you are attending SASS and do not want to sleep over we ask that you attend all of the program outside of the lock-in portion.)

Once you register, we will send out an email with things to bring, an itinerary, and other necessary information in a few weeks. Please keep an eye on your email.


COST:  $0! NONE!  IT’S TOTALLY FREE!!!  Meals and snacks are free too. AND, donations to cover our costs are gladly accepted.

WHERE:  At the Stonewall Youth HQ:  112 State Ave NE, Olympia WA 98501

FOR MORE INFO, send us an email at


Potluck at the Stonewall Community Center

Join Stonewall Youth for our monthly all-ages community potluck! Along with sharing yummy food, we’ll have a casual convo about what folks want for the emerging Stonewall Community Center.

WHEN:  Saturday, March 17 at 6-8pm

WHERE:  Our fabulous HQ @ 112 State Ave NE, Olympia WA 98501

As you may know, Stonewall Youth is buying our current facility to use as the Stonewall Community Center, a multipurpose community center dedicated to the ongoing wellbeing our region’s diverse and multigenerational LGBTQ+ community and allied social justice organizations. We want to make sure Stonewall Youth and allied organizations have a sustainable, safe, permanent, and FABULOUS space in our community. More info here:

At the potluck, Stonewall Youth will provide some main course dishes as well as a few sides, and you’re encouraged to bring something tasty to share.

Don’t stress if you’re not able to bring anything or only have time to sprint into the store to pick up chips & dip or some non-alcoholic beverages to share! The important thing is that you show up and feast in community with us. No alcohol, please.

Stonewall Youth is committed to making these monthly potlucks a safer place for all in our community, particularly youth, LGBTQ+ folks, people of color, low-income folks, and elders. Bring your respect!