Upcoming SASS!

Stonewall Youth is going to be putting on our bi-annual SASS in December, and we want to know if you and your organization would be interested in being a part of SASS. SASS stands for Stonewall Activism Saturday School, and in the past, we’ve hosted SASS at Stonewall Youth’s space in downtown Olympia. Our past two SASS’s have focused on mass incarceration and the prison system, and on migration and borders. ┬áThis year we are focusing on bringing SASS to organizations and communities in rural areas, and we are hoping to partner with several youth centered organizations in nearby rural areas like to put on a day full of rad workshops and panels. Also if you do not serve a rural population but are interested/have knowledge to share on the theme, we would also love to collaborate with you! This SASS’s theme will be:


Know Your Rights! + Harm Reduction for Queer Youth

Know Your Rights when dealing with the police, Social Services, and the Healthcare System, Harm Reduction 101: strategies to reduce negative consequences rather than uphold harmful zero-tolerance policies


This event is for queer youth and allies 24 and under.


We’re really excited about the new possibilities of collaboration with organizations outside of Olympia. If SASS sounds like something you’d like to plug in to, there are several ways:


-Helping us do outreach to youth in your area about attending SASS

-Connecting us with people who have experience pertaining to the theme to present a workshop at SASS.

-We are looking for somewhere to host the event. If your organization has a space that is accessible to people with a variety of accessibility needs and is interested in hosting SASS, please let us know.