Transformative Justice Workshop with

Shira Hassan

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Stonewall Youth is hosting a workshop with Shira Hassan in the PCAF Co-Lab. Shira is an amazing activist, organizer and skilled educator who has worked extensively on community empowerment and healing the effects of oppression. To learn more about her and the amazing work she is doing you can check out her website –

We are super stoked to have her here in Olympia and to have this amazing opportunity. There is plenty of space for folks to attend this workshop. It is open to LGBTQQIA youth and their allies 24 (updated!) and under. The workshop will be sliding scale, with no one turned away from lack of funds. To register just on the Register Here Now title.

What is Transformative Justice? “Transformative justice [is] a liberatory approach to violence…[which] seeks safety and accountability without relying on alienation, punishment, or State or systemic violence, including incarceration or policing.

Three core beliefs:

*Individual justice and collective liberation are equally important, mutually supportive, and fundamentally intertwined—the achievement of one is impossible without the achievement of the other.

*The conditions that allow violence to occur must be transformed in order to achieve justice in individual instances of violence. Therefore, Transformative Justice is both a liberating politic and an approach for securing justice.

*State and systemic responses to violence, including the criminal legal system and child welfare agencies, not only fail to advance individual and collective justice but also condone and perpetuate cycles of violence.

-“Towards Transformative Justice…”, p. 5 Section One

From Shira’s website – Transformative Justice and Community Accountability: How do we collectively work together to reduce our dependence on state systems and social services? How do we support each other to become accountable when we have caused harm? This workshop will explore the basic principles of Transformative Justice and engage in honest conversation about the challenges we face when using this model.