Stonewall Youth seeks strong adult mentors capable of volunteering as youth and organizational support. We appreciate folks with a strong social justice analysis who want to continue to build these skills with us. We value leadership in the many different forms it may take.

We welcome a widevolunteers range of interests, skills, and availability. If your time is limited, perhaps you’d enjoy helping out at our fabulous events, or engaging in outreach and fundraising projects, or spending four hours a month assisting with office and social media projects, or preparing healthy snacks for youth at our weekly programs. If you want to devote more time and want to develop positive mentor relationships with youth, you might love volunteering in our twice-weekly drop-in hours or our weekly support group for LGBTQQIA youth. These are just a few examples of our volunteer opportunities!

If you want to volunteer for Stonewall Youth, please fill out a Volunteer Application and return it to Stonewall via snail mail, in person, or email it to info@stonewallyouth.org

 Intern at Stonewall Youth

We provide internships for students and other community members who want to build their skills and participate in the work of Stonewall Youth. Interns make commitments based on their interests, skills, and availability. Contact: info@stonewallyouth.org

Join a Committee!

Find out about our Fabulous Fundraising Force and our Really Radical Restructuring Committee here.

Join Our Board of Directors

Board of Directors: You definitely don’t have to be a know-it-all to join our Board!  We value skill-building and skill-sharing. The Board oversees Stonewall Youth operations, and works with youth participants, volunteers, and staff on strategic planning, fundraising, and program/policy development.

We value marginalized voices and experiences, such as those of people of color and youth. Youth Board members may be eligible for a small stipend. The Board meets once a month for two hours, and we ask that members make an additional 4-10 hour monthly commitment to Board activities

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact
Board Application

Board Member Job Description

Stonewall Youth is looking for feedback from past volunteers!

Stonewall Youth is re-vamping our volunteer training and support. We hope to get feedback from past Stonewall volunteers! If you’ve volunteered at Stonewall in the past, please consider answering these questions and send your feedback to info@stonewallyouth.org

  • In what capacity did you volunteer at Stonewall Youth? (Drop ins, support group facilitator, dance chaperone, special event, etc.)
  • How was your overall experience as a volunteer? Good, bad? Why?
  • What support did you have from staff/the Board? What support did you wish you had?
  • Did you attend any volunteer trainings? Could you speak to that experience? Did you feel the training was helpful? Did it prepare you for your role as a volunteer?
  • Did you feel appreciated as a volunteer? In what ways?
  • Feel free to share about your experience, even if it doesn’t answer any of these questions. Your feedback will help the Volunteer Committee in organizing helpful training and positive volunteer support!