Stonewall Youth has persisted as an organization for more than 22 years despite multiple challenges in funding; we have longevity but now we seek stability. Stonewall Youth needs diversified funding and grassroots community support in our quest for financial sustainability.

We believe that our community has the intention and means to carry us through our hard times and our successes. It is our goal to increase the amount of funding we receive from direct community support. The best way you can support us in that goal is by joining our Mentor’s Circle by signing up for recurring monthly donations through Network for Good.

Your generous commitment of $10, $25, $40 or even $100 a month will help leverage programmatic focus and stability. We are committed to seeking financial support from the communities we serve to strengthen our infrastructure and increase our capacity to provide services for LGBTQQIA youth and opportunities for social change. All of us here at Stonewall deeply appreciate your support!

State Employee Support

If you’re a current or retired Washington State public employee, please consider supporting Stonewall Youth through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive.

You can donate in a variety of ways –– with a monthly payroll deduction, by check or online. However you choose to give, your generosity will provide critical support for Stonewall Youth’s powerful queer youth empowerment and support work. Just choose code 0316285 when you make your donation.

You may also contact us about setting up pay check deductions or bequests – call our office at 360-705-2738.

Stonewall Youth is a nonprofit and charitable organization registered with the Washington Secretary of State, and is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax ID number is 94-3202727. We are also part of the Washington State Combined Fund Drive and our charity code is 0316285.  View our annual charitable reports with the Washington Secretary of State.