treeWe love our work and our community, but we don’t love asking for money.  Most of the time, we would rather be doing the work of providing great programs for LGBTQ+ youth. But we depend on donations from our community to do keep doing that work —  including paying our youth co-directors, Speakers Bureau members, and Fellows who are the backbone of making Stonewall Youth’s work happen. About 90% of our operating budget goes directly towards our programming; rest assured that we don’t spend our community’s donations on high salaries for administrators! There are two main ways you can contribute financially to our work with LGBTQ+ youth:

  • SUPPORT OUR PROGRAMMING.  Your donations enable us to offer our regular support groupcute sass pink shirts and drop-in hours for LGBTQQIA youth, our Speakers Bureau, field trips and activities for youth, and many annual youth events including dances, our yearly organizational retreat, a youth performance project, and so much more. The best way you can support us in that goal is by joining our Mentor’s Circle by signing up for recurring monthly donations through Network for Good.  You can make a one-time or monthly donation. Your generous commitment of $10, $25 $40 or even $100 a month will help leverage programmatic focus and stability.
  • SUPPORT OUR CAPITAL CAMPAIGN:  In April of 2017, we moved into our new home. Our quest for the perfect building to serve as our home took lots of time and consideration. Our new HQ is a two-story building (4,400 square feet) conveniently located in downtown Olympia.  We signed a Lease to Own contract with the building’s owner in December of 2016, and hope to sign a purchase agreement by the August of of 2017. We’ve already raised about $90,000, and need to raise at least $350,000 more. 

help us buy our homeThe multipurpose building we are purchasing will be a good investment, allow us to expand our programming (including more youth and all-ages workshops, dances, performances, and other events) provide stability to LGBTQ+ youth and to the organization,  and give us the opportunity to support emerging ventures.  Make a tax-deductible DONATION at any time for our Capital Campaign at Network for Good.

You can also INVEST! A supportive investor has started a Limited Liability Company (Liberation, LLC) to make it easy for community members to invest in the building. Our goal is to build equity for Stonewall Youth as well as for other community members who partner with us.  Contact us at for more information.

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO about our Capital Campaign.

State Employee Support

cfdIf you’re a current or retired Washington State public employee, please consider supporting Stonewall Youth through the Washington State Combined Fund Drive.

You can donate in a variety of ways –– with a monthly payroll deduction, by check or online. However you choose to give, your generosity will provide critical support for Stonewall Youth’s powerful queer youth empowerment and support work. Just choose code 0316285 when you make your donation.

You may also contact us about setting up pay check deductions or bequests – call our office at 360-705-2738.

Stonewall Youth is a nonprofit and charitable organization registered with the Washington Secretary of State, and is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Service. Our federal tax ID number is 94-3202727. View our annual charitable reports with the Washington Secretary of State.volunteer hands