Stonewall Youth is hiring TWO new youth Program Directors! (Must be age 21 or under to apply).

We’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our staff collective from FOUR people (2 youth & 2 adults) to FIVE people (3 youth and 2 adults). We’re hiring two new people right now because one of our current youth staff members, Ruby Harrison-Clay, is moving on to new adventures in November after doing AMAZING work at Stonewall for two years.

If you’re interested and are age 21 or under, please submit a resume, a cover letter via email by 5pm on September 1st to be considered for the positions.  We request that applicants commit to at least 18 months. Please note that while you must be 21 or under when you are hired, you can still hold the position if/when you become older than 21.  PLEASE SEE THE TWO-PAGE JOB DESCRIPTION BELOW FOR MORE INFORMATION.

The two new youth Program Directors will work collaboratively with other youth and adult staff collective members to develop, coordinate, and maintain youth-centered programming that is accountable to Stonewall Youth’s mission, vision and values.  This collaboration will be highly youth-led. There is an adult Program Director, whose primary role is to support the youth Directors.

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