Stonewall Needs a NEW Home

Rainbow House

We recently learned from our landlord that the building in which we’ve been housed for the past 5 years is up for sale and is currently in escrow.

But NO WORRIES! (check below the break)

What we know:¬†When the building’s sale is final, we may only have a few months to relocate.
What we don’t know: Whether or not this particular sale will close AND when this or another sale will be final.
What we’re doing to prepare: Trying to find a house or office space that meets the following¬†criteria:
  • Close to downtown
  • Preferably no less than 1300 sq feet
  • Preferably no more than $1000/month
  • ADA accessible
  • Easily reachable by bus
  • Kitchen (can be shared with other building tenants)
  • Discreet (to protect participant confidentiality)

What you can do to help:

  • Let us know if you hear of any spaces coming up for rent
  • Donate money, time, supplies, and wishes/prayers/magic to support us in our moving process
  • Let us know if you or an organization that you know might want to share an office space with us
  • Tell your building- and home-owning friends that you found the rad glittery tenants of their dreams!!!

We’ve also been in touch with several other organizations who might want to share a new space with us.

We’ve been so lucky to share downtown space with a number of fabulous organizations working towards Queer support, justice, and liberation. We will miss you, current home. We can’t wait to meet you, new home!!!

Any leads, collaborations or other help email us