Stonewall Activism Saturday School (SASS)

For many years, Speakers Bureau hosted an annual 3-day Stonewall Activism Summer School for LGBTQ+ youth. Now, SASS is a daylong workshop that happens on several Saturdays throughout the year to keep youth activists learning, thinking, communicating, organizing and networking all year long.

Each SASS event is centered on a different theme affecting our communities.  For example,  in 2015, we worked with CHOICE High School and two other organizations in Shelton to provide a SASS event focused on harm reduction, LGBTQ+ youth legal rights, and self-care. SASS not only fosters learning and the exchange of ideas for youth, but also encourages networking and collaboration between local organizations.

Stay tuned for info about upcoming SASS events!

Past SASS:


Fall SASS (Stonewall Activism Saturday School), Bodies Behind Bars: The Prison Industrial Complex, debuts on Saturday, November 2nd in the Co-Lab, 317 4th Avenue. SASS is a youth organized and youth centered event for people 21 and under. And…it’s FREE. Come hang out, participate in rad workshops, and hear from organizations in our community doing work around prisons and prison abolition!

Organizations participating:
-Washington Incarceration Stops Here
-Books to Prisoners
-The Prison Doula Project
-Abolish Cops and Prisons