~*~ CAlling All LGBTQ+ Youth ~*~

Stonewall Youth is here for you!

Stonewall Youth protesting anti-transgender bathroom bills, 2016

You’re welcome to attend Stonewall Youth if you’re an LGBTQ+ youth who’s 21 or under.

(“LGBTQ+” is shorthand used to express the many gender identities and sexual orientations of the youth we serve, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, pansexual, and more. We also welcome youth who are questioning/exploring their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.)

~*~ Weekly Programs ~*~

We are open 4 days a week, Monday-Wednesday and Friday for youth aged 12-21 who identify as LGBTQ+ or are questioning. 

Mondays 4-7pm:  Specialty Drop-ins

Wednesdays 3-5pm:  Drop-ins

Wednesdays 5-7pm:  Peer Support Group

Fridays 4-8pm: Drop-ins

All regular programs take place at our HQ in downtown Olympia:  112 State Ave NE, Olympia 98501.

Note:  As of 1/2019, we are no longer open on Tuesdays.  Hopefully, we’ll be able to start up Music Tuesdays again in mid-February!

Mondays (4-7pm) We are open for our specialty drop ins which switch weekly from QTPoC (queer and trans people of color) night and 18-24 year old night. 18-24 year old night is the only time that our age range changes to include people up to 24. Click here to see our calendar. 

Wednesdays (3-7pm) We are open from 3-5pm for regular drop ins and from 5-7pm we have peer support group. PEER SUPPORT GROUP, happens once a week, it is an opportunity to share what’s going

Stonewall Staff and Youth creating a timeline of LGBTQ+ History, during Drop Ins.

on in your life, both your successes and your struggles and to receive support and feedback from peers and facilitators. The support group schedule alternates weekly between youth-facilitated and adult-facilitated – youth-facilitated support group exclusively involves youth participants and youth staff facilitators, while adult-facilitated support group is facilitated by one or two adult volunteers and/or staff. All Stonewall Youth support group facilitators are mandated reporters.

Friday (4-8pm) We are open for drop ins from 4-8pm.

DROP INS, range in what they offer from hanging out, playing board games, watching movies, doing arts + crafts, engaging in workshops, learning, growing and creating together. Drop-In Hours are staffed by volunteers, interns, and staff members. 

~*~ Music + Art ~*~

Our space holds many different musical instruments and art supplies. While in the past Stonewall has hosted “Queer art Heals your Heart” right now we do not have any formal art programming. Even with no formal art, it is not rare to have a collaging night, patch making night or impromptu craft.

Stonewall has over 6 guitars, 3 bass guitars, a keyboard, a piano, drums and many more instruments. We currently allow use of our acoustic instruments during drop ins but to have access to all our instruments see come to our Wednesday drop ins 3-5pm.

~*~ Social Justice + Youth Power~*~

Stonewall Youth serves youth aged 12-21, not including our 18-24 year old specialty night. We work to center youth in our space in many ways. This includes,

  • Hiring and having a youth dominated staff collective. We currently have a 5-member staff collective with 3/5ths of our members being youth aged. Our youth members are expected to operate at the same level and responsibility as our adult staff members and are paid equal wages.
  • Offering fellowships, which allow our youth participants to gain work experience by helping with programming or administrative tasks at Stonewall Youth. For more information click here.
  • All our adult staff, volunteers and interns in the space are thoroughly trained in how to assist, support and mentor youth without speaking over them.

Other programming, we offer related to social justice are our caucuses. Caucuses happen once a month normally the third Friday of the month. Our caucuses our split into two groups, our people of color caucus and white caucus. The caucus for people of color leaves the space with our staff of color to engage in community building. This has taken form in going to the Painted Plate or going out to eat. The caucus for white people stays at Stonewall to engage in an anti-racist workshop. Recently the white caucus has started to partner with SuRJ’s Olympia chapter, click here to see their Facebook . Workshops we have done include “Can White People be Woke?”, “Uncomfortability vs. Unsafety”, and “Anti-Oppression 101”.

In the past Stonewall has also hosted “Stonewall Activism Saturday School”. We have not offered this programming in a while but hope it will make an appearance soon.

Attendees of our “Know Your Rights & Harm Reduction for Queer Youth” SASS

Formerly Stonewall Activism Summer School, SASS was a quarterly workshop for youth organized by our youth-led  Speakers Bureau, no longer functioning, that supports LGBTQQIA youth and their allies in exchanging skills to become more effective activists in their communities and stand in solidarity with the movements that surround us. SASS not only fosters learning and the exchange of ideas, but also encourages networking and collaboration between activists in the Pacific Northwest who are engaged in community work and seek to participate in new types of organizing. Each Saturday School is centered on a different theme affecting our communities.

Past SASS workshops have focused on the themes “Know Your Rights & Harm Reduction for Queer Youth,” “Between Borders: Colonization, Violence, & Resistance,” and “Bodies Behind Bars,” which focused on LGBTQQIA folks and the prison industrial complex.

~*~ Dances ~*~

Emo Prom 2016! Staff at one of our two infamous Emo Proms.

Stonewall dances happen at least 3 times a year, they are our “Homocoming”, “Prom”, and “Pride”. Homo-coming and prom align with the times homecoming and prom happen for Lewis, Thurston, and Mason county schools and our pride dance happens during the summer near the time of Olympia Pride Festival. Our dances serve the purpose to provide a safe and welcoming space for LGBTQ+ youth to be carefree and have fun. Past dance themes have included “Halloween”, “Emo Prom”, “Emo Prom II”, “Space”, and “Cats and Nihilism”.

~*~ Annual Camping Trip ~*~

Our annual summer camping trip has been happening since 2017, started by former staff member Lili. Our camping trip is a 3 day stay where our only focus is relaxation and community bonding. Our most recent camping trip was spent at Camp Sylvia in Montesano, Washington. There was kayaking, swimming, s’mores, hiking, board games, hammock naps and more. 

~*~ Glitter Camp ~*~

Our youth made and screen printed design for Glitter Camp 2018 and our activity necklaces!

Our retreat is a collaboratively organized large trip for LGBTQ+ youth. Since 2010, youth participants, staff, board members, and volunteers have gone on an annual three or four-day excursion to a comfortable camp (heated cabins!) to plan and revision Stonewall Youth programs, bond, share, and participate in awesome workshops. Workshops are led by youth participants and staff. In the past material has ranged from “analyzing gender”, “radicalism”, “youth empowerment”, “racial justice”, “challenging our current state of education”, and “body image”. Below is an excerpt from our 2018 Glitter Camp Head Counselor and Planner, Jax…

“We just got back from our annual Glitter Camp Retreat (August 28th-31st at Camp Soundview)! This year our main themes included “Community Building”, “Anti-Racism & Anti-Oppression

Badges awarded to 5 attendees at the end of Glitter Camp: Best Queerleader, Most Engaged, Head Chef, Best Cabin Leader, and Best Listener!

Education”, and “Community Visioning”. One of the favorite activities we did was called “CABIN FEVER” each cabin chose a name, leader, mascot, handshake, and presented at the open mic. Our wonderful cabins were dubbed “Cabin Saucy Salamanders” (ages 12-14), “Cabin Cryptid Crew” (ages 15-18), “Cabin Dragon Court” (ages 19-21), and “Cabin Froot Snax” (staff

cabin). We enjoyed cooking and cleaning up meals together, learning how to be more engaged activists, addressing needs in our community, petting farm animals, boating, screen

printing our youth designed Glitter Camp tees, and performing in a spectacular open mic. On top of our amazing t-shirts participants were also given beads to put on a necklace depending on tasks completed while at camp, some beads were “did all 3 energizers”, “shout out” only receivable from someone saying what they appreciated about you, “made a new friend”, and

“attended 2 or more workshops”. Our end of camp award ceremony also consisted of 5 highly prized patches, made by our wonderful staff member Isabelle. Patches were awarded by staff to participants on the merits of “best listener”, “most engaged”, “best queerleader/cheerleader”, “head chef”, and “best cabin leader”. Glitter Camp had an amazing 15 attendees, we are so excited for an even bigger and better camp in 2019!”

~*~ Hope to See You Soon ~*~

Stonewall Youth is youth-led.  Along with attending activities, we invite you to make activities happen!  You can also participate in running Stonewall Youth. There’s a lot of opportunities for youth leadership, skill-building, and otherwise helping make Stonewall Youth fabulous.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And remember, you can always call or text if you have any other questions: 360-888-4273. You can also contact us through Facebook or by emailing us at info@stonewallyouth.org