You’re welcome to join Stonewall Youth if you’re an LGBTQ+ youth who’s 21 or under.  (“LGBTQ+” is shorthand used to express the many gender identities and sexual orientations of the youth we serve, which includes lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, asexual, gender non-conforming, genderqueer, pansexual, and more. We also welcome youth who are questioning/exploring their gender identity and/or sexual orientation.)


Mondays 4-7pm:  Drop-ins

Tuesdays 4-6pm:  Music Drop-ins

Wednesdays 3-5pm:  Drop-ins

Wednesdays 5-7pm:  Peer Support Group

Fridays 4-8pm: Drop-ins

If you’re an LGBTQ+ youth age 21 or under, you’re welcome to join us any time during our regular weekly programs.

All regular programs take place at our HQ in downtown Olympia:  112 State Ave NE.  

At DROP-IN HOURS, sometimes we have organized activities, such as art projects, games, music & band practice, movies, field trips, and conversations or skill-building workshops on a wide range of topics such as zine-making, conflict resolution, dealing with stress, and issues of interest to LGBTQ+ youth. But most often, we just hang out with each other. Drop-In Hours are staffed by volunteers, interns, and staff members.*

 PEER SUPPORT GROUP is a great place to make friends, get support, and build a fabulous and loving community. This is an opportunity to share what’s going on in your life, both your successes and your struggles. There’s no pressure to share — you’re also welcome to just listen to experiences of other youth. Youth are able to get support and feedback from peers and facilitators. The support group schedule alternates weekly between youth-facilitated and adult-facilitated – youth-facilitated support group exclusively involves youth participants and youth staff facilitators, while adult-facilitated support group is facilitated by one or two adult volunteers/staff.*

During our MUSIC DROP-INS on Tuesdays,  come on down and make music with us!  Sing, play instruments, form a band, write a song, hum quietly to yourself, make some beats, hang out and listen to music, play quietly so no one else can hear you….it’s up to you. We’ve taken on Queer Rock Camp’s mission to empower youth, build community, and amplify resistance and self-expression through music.  No experience necessary, and there’s no pressure to perform.  We have a vast collection of guitars, basses, drums, keyboards (and a piano!), ukuleles, and so much more. You’re welcome to bring your own instrument.  Stay tuned: We’ll be offering periodic workshops and music instruction. And we’ll have more open mics and other opportunities to perform.*

»Stonewall Activism Saturday School (SASS)«

Formerly Stonewall Activism Summer School, SASS is a quarterly workshop for youth organized by our youth-led Speakers Bureau that supports LGBTQQIA youth and their allies in exchanging skills to become more effective activists in their communities and stand in solidarity with the movements that surround us. SASS not only fosters learning and the exchange of ideas, but also encourages networking and collaboration between activists in the Pacific Northwest who are engaged in community work and seek to participate in new types of organizing. Each Saturday School is centered on a different theme affecting our communities.

sass betterPast SASS workshops have focused on themes like “Know Your Rights & Harm Reduction for Queer Youth,” “Between Borders: Colonization, Violence, & Resistance,” and “Bodies Behind Bars,” which focused on LGBTQQIA folks and the prison industrial complex. If you’re interested in attending the next SASS, you can find out more information here.  Come prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone, learn new things, and share and explore all your identities.

»Stonewall Organizing Retreat (also known as Glitter Camp)«

Our retreat is a collaboratively organized large camping retreat for LGBTQQIA youth. Since 2010, youth participants, staff, Board members, and volunteers have gone on a yearly three-day excursiongay camp 2010 2 to a comfortable camp (heated cabins!) to plan and revision Stonewall Youth programs, bond, share, and participate in awesome workshops. Workshops are lead by youth participants and youth/adult staff. Workshops in the past have ranged from analyzing gender, radicalism, youth empowerment, racial justice, challenging our current state of education, and body image.

»Dances, Performance Extravaganzas, and other activities«

We have so many other activities that happen throughout the year, such as dances (Homocoming, Glitter Prom, a Pride Dance, and more!), monthly Community Potlucks, Open Mics, community organizing activities, fundraisers, performances and art shows.

»Get involved in making things happen at Stonewall Youth«

pride booth
Stonewall’s booth at the 2015 Olympia Pride Fest

Stonewall Youth is youth-led.  Along with attending activities, we invite you to make activities happen!  You can also participate in running Stonewall Youth. There’s a lot of opportunities for youth leadership, skill-building, and otherwise helping make Stonewall Youth fabulous.

»Paid Leadership Positions«

Be a part of our Speakers Bureau.  Our Speakers Bureau is made up of youth ages 21 and under who identify as LGBTQQIA. The Speakers Bureau organizes the Stonewall Saturday Activism School (see above), and provides anti-oppression workshops on an array of topics for schools, community organizations, agencies, and public events. Sample topics: Anti-Oppression/Systems of Oppression; Allyship; Queer/Trans History; Conflict Resolution/Community Building; and Trans Competency. Members are paid a stipend for their work, and participate in trainings to build their training skills. They’ll be hiring new members in the upcoming months.

Join our Staff Collective or create a paid Fellowship for yourself. Contact for more info.

»Volunteer Leadership Opportunities«  

No experience necessary!  We value skill-building and skill-sharing.

Do an internship.  We provide internships for students and other community members who want to build their skills and participate in the work of Stonewall Youth. Interns make commitments based on their interests, skills, and availability. Contact:

Lead activities at during Drop-ins on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays. We do a lot of different kinds of activities during Drop-ins, such as art projects, games, movies, field trips, and conversations or skill-building workshops on a wide range of topics like zine-making, conflict resolution, safe sex, queer history, dealing with stress, community organizing, and many other issues of interest to LGBTQQIA youth. If you’re interested in leading an activity (either by yourself, or with help from other youth, staff, interns or volunteers), there’s information and support available to assist you. Just ask other youth, staff, volunteers or interns about how to make an activity happen.

Fabulous Fundraising Force (FFF):  The FFF organizes community outreach and fundraising projects. Projects include big and small fundraising events (from our annual events to our periodic bake sales), doing outreach at local events, seeking donations from community members, grant-writing, and a whole lot more. Lend us your skills and learn about fundraising with us! We meet Mondays from 7-8:30pm.

Valiant Volunteer Vixens (VVV): PhotoGrid_1425532004971We meet periodically to train volunteers and do outreach to find new volunteers

Board of Directors: You definitely don’t have to be a know-it-all to join our Board! We’ll help you learn the ropes. Youth Board members may be eligible for a small stipend. The Board oversees Stonewall Youth operations, and works with youth participants, volunteers, and staff on strategic planning, fundraising, and program/policy development.

Stonewall Organizing School (SOS): We’re in the beginning stages of creating SOS, which will provide the training, resources and support necessary for LGBTQQIA youth to maximize their leadership within Stonewall Youth and to build the skills and confidence needed to be successful life-long leaders and community organizers.  Stay tuned!


Curtain Call at the 2011 Drag Show Extravaganza

PLEASE NOTE: When you attend our Peer Support Group or Drop-In Hours for the first time, we’d like you to do an intake (a short interview) with staff. We do this to make sure you’re able to get the support you want, and to introduce you to Stonewall’s programs. There are a couple of ways to do an intake:

1. You can call us at 360-842-7884 and we can fill an intake out with you on the phone. It takes about 10 minutes.

2. You can do an intake in person with one of our staff when you first come to Stonewall! Staff will introduce themselves to you on your first day at Stonewall, give you a tour of the space, and do an intake with you.

We look forward to seeing you soon! And remember, you can always call or text if you have any other questions: 360-842-7884. You can also contact us through Facebook or by emailing us at

For more information, contact: or call/text: (360) 888-4273