Meet our Staff Collective & Board of Directors!

Former and past youth staff at the HEARTBREAK//HEARTTHROB Fundraiser Dance, 2019

Staff Collective

IsIah Montejano 

Lead Drop In Director

Isiah is one of the new faces of Stonewall Youth! Isiah is 21, and identifies as non-binary, and Latinx. They’ve recently finished college and will be graduating from the Evergreen State College (TESC) in spring 2019. They’re focus of interest includes political science and media. Before taking on the role of the Lead Drop-in Director, Isiah worked as a Residential Advisor for TESC and a Peer Advisor with First People’s Multicultural Advising Services.

When not working, Isiah can be found reading comics, playing video games, watching movies or daydreaming.

Jackson Authier Mercogliano

Organizational Development Director

Jax has been with Stonewall Youth’s Staff Collective for over an year now. They identify as a non-binary, disabled dyke. They were born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, just an hour and a half north of Olympia in Seabeck, WA. They are an alumni of The Evergreen State College where they studied political economy and sociology. Jax hopes to go on and get their Master’s in Social Work. If you are at Stonewall you will most likely see Jax finding something to organize or rearrange. Outside of Stonewall, Jax is a trained abortion doula, has 2 cats, and spends most of their time crafting, eating, napping, and collecting teeth.


Rhian PaRker

Events Alchemist

Rhian is a Southern, genderfluid, queer black woman who is currently in their senior year at The Evergreen State College. Her emphasis is Creative Writing and Black American Studies. If you ask Rhian, she says that she studies “Genre Form Breaking.” Before becoming a Co-Director, they served on our Speakers Bureau Collective. She is interested in local organizing, the Olympia poetry scene, and community-building far away from home. When Rhian isn’t working they are often: searching for Bigfoot, writing short stories on the Notes app, making disco playlists, playing video games or re-watching shows from their childhood

Tomas Valdez

Programming Outreach Director

Tomas is a disabled, non-binary, bi-racial Latinx who enjoys road trips, horror movies, creating cardboard art, and meeting new cats. Before coming to Stonewall, Tomas worked for Community Youth Services (CYS) as an Americorps member stationed with YouthBuild Thurston County. In the last two years, Tomas was able to complete their GED and start college at SPSCC. They plan to eventually finish school with a degree in social work and a focus in interpersonal communication and latinx studies. As the Programming Outreach Director, their goal is to help create and collaborate with other spaces and organizations that queer and trans youth can feel safe, proud, and empowered to be involved in!

Wolven Wheeler

Internal Systems Director

After 2 years as a youth participant and a quarter as an outreach fellow, Wolven is joining the Stonewall Staff Collective. Wolven identifies as a “Genderf*ck Man” and fluctuates between using he/him and she/her pronouns. Please feel free to ask his pronouns when you see him! Currently, Wolven is working on graduating from Avanti High School and is still planning his future educational goals post high school. You can find Wolven walking in the park, taking plenty of selfies, hanging out with friends, or playing video games.

Lyn Alder

Community Fundraising Director

Lyn Alder has lived in Thurston County for a year, but still feels brand new. As Community Fundraising Director, she is mostly interested in building the material connections that support the communities we serve at Stonewall Youth. A poet, a retro game nerd, and roller derby queer in her free time, Lyn is dedicated to facilitating safe and supportive interactions where ever she is. Catch her reading a book in a hammock on a sunny day, or cuddling up inside in the rain.

Zsatasia ‘Rudi’ Green

Community Engagement Director

Rudi is 23 years-old and has lived in Olympia for most of her life. She is a recent graduate of Washington State University in Pullman  (finally!). Her degree is in Sociology with minors in Women’s Studies, Comparative Ethnic Studies, and Psychology. With intersectionality and inclusivity as the cornerstones of her education, Rudi strives to make her community a more inclusive place. Rudi is pansexual and proud! She is passionate about using her own privileges to give a voice to underrepresented communities. Before accepting this position, Rudi started her non-profit career working with various organizations in the community, including the Downtown YMCA, South Sound YMCA, Briggs YMCA, Olympia YWCA, and the WSU Women’s Center. Outside of Stonewall, you can find Rudi in the makeup aisle, on a nature walk near a body of water, exploring out of town, trying out restaurants, or watching reality tv

Bryn Houghton

Sustainability Director

Bryn has volunteered periodically for Stonewall Youth for more than a decade. They are an activist and community organizer who has organized with many social justice organizations over the last 25 years, including Parents Organizing for Welfare and Economic Rights, the Thurston County Tenants Union, and the Coalition for Low Income Power.  Bryn was the founder of Laughing Crow Productions (a social justice arts organization) and served as the executive director for 5 years.   Prior to working at Stonewall, Bryn served for 12 years as the Chief of Staff for Washington State Senator Adam Kline, the Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.  They are the co-editor, along with the Belize Rural Women’s Association, of Rising Up: Life Stories of Belizean Women (1993, Sister Vision Press).  Bryn enjoys playing the accordion, making mosaics, walking in big cities and deep forests, reading, writing, playing with dogs and humans, and creating revolution.

Board of Directors

If you are interested in becoming a board member, please contact

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Amira Caluya

Board Member

Amira is our former Program Co-Director and is currently the Trans and Queer Center Coordinator at the Evergreen State College. They have an MSW from the University of Michigan.  They believe that all youth have a right 10683663_10203402578159987_8817604934115161250_oto safe spaces to grow and learn in, and they have a personal commitment to create and maintain conditions that promote positive development in safe and sober settings for LGBTQ youth. “I see my work with LGBTQ youth as something bigger than me, and one that benefits all communities. My experiences working with LGBTQ youth started at SMYRC in Portland, Oregon as an intern. SMYRC’s core values are similar to Stonewall — youth-led and adults in partnership with youth. During graduate school I branched out and worked on youth issues at the policy level, using school district data to highlight the disparities in education for school-age children and youth.  I’ve also work with youth to lobby for their cause, as well as Queer Justice workshops that I developed and presented during my time as a student organizer at Portland State University. On a personal and political level, it is an honor to bear witness to youth developing their voices.”


Board Member 

Andrea is an activist, registered nurse, nerd, dancer, bicyclist, dog-companion, scholar, and dress-up enthusiast who is thrilled to contribute her skills and energy to the rad work of Stonewall and is the current Secretary of the board of directors.  She previously volunteered with Bread and Roses, EGYHOP, and the Thurston County Syringe Exchange and brings passions for social justice, harm reduction, and the queering of health systems.   

10999408_10152745968378310_8395613172824437358_nParker Rizzo

Board Member

Parker has been involved with Stonewall since the fall of 2013 and has previously been a member of the Speakers’ Bureau Collective. They are a trans queer activist, student, and cat-lover dedicated to anti-oppression work and youth empowerment! Parker recently graduated from The Evergreen State College with a BA with an emphasis in queer studies. They enjoy spending their free time reading feminist sci-fi and queer theory, exploring the woods, camping, cuddling their cat, playing board games, meeting new people and cooking with friends.


Board Member

Pocket is a poet, artist, cat parent, gloomy punk, and Stonewall Youth participant. They are a member of the Speakers Bureau Collective as well as the Board of Directors. In addition to teaching anti-oppression and allyship workshops through Speakers Bureau, Pocket has taught poetry workshops and staffs the Family Support Center of South Sound’s cold weather shelter. 

62ba1438e65d11e2873722000a1fcfc8_7Dusty Weber LaMay

Board member

Dusty worked as Stonewall’s Executive Director until December of 2015. Dusty joined Stonewall after many years in California as a activist, law student, law clerk and community organizer.  In the past he has worked as a queer youth services provider, a social worker for at risk families,as a trainer for the National Resource Center for Youth Services, and as the law clerk for a nonprofit rural legal aid. He is particularly interested queer and trans liberation, youth empowerment, self-determination, and rural activism.  Dusty spends his free time writing, drawing, daydreaming, walking around looking at trees,the moon and stars, and hanging out with his dog.

unnamedJesse Aurelia Maichelli

Board Member

Jesse has 15+ years of youth-centered work and social services career background. She’s volunteered for Stonewall in different capacities throughout the years. They hold a BA from Evergreen, a cosmetology license and a deck of cards. They identify as Queer, Femme, White, Non-Binary, Big, Disabled, Neurodivergent and Magical. They work towards centering youth and all oppressed communities by constantly working at: being an accomplice, knowing and practicing that you know yourself best, and keeping close the understanding that listening/decentering can unfold many gifts of powerful intergenerational community. Decolonization, anti-oppression, herbal/animal alchemy for survivors/thrivers and trauma tenderness are areas she feels particularly called for. They are honored to be collaborating with such powerful and unique humans!

Ignacio (Nacho) Alarcón

Board Member

Ignacio currently works as the Assistant Director of the AB540 & Undocumented Student Center at UC Davis. They were raised primarily in Pennsylvania and studied philosophy, psychology, and political science as an undergraduate student. Nacho then completed a Master of Arts degree in Ohio while working with living-learning communities at Oberlin College, student conflict resolution at the University of Michigan, and student success at The Leadership Center outside of Los Valles, Honduras. After this, Ignacio served as a Resident Director and point-person for undocumented student support at The Evergreen State College. As a proud Latinx, trans* person of color (TPOC) in higher education, they are passionate about advocating for, empowering, and cultivating kinship towards liberation. You’ll often find Nacho working in the community and exploring the natural and musical environments around them.