Join us at our “No Thanks” Community Potluck on Sat. 11/25 at 6pm

potluckThis month’s intergenerational potluck will focus on the history of “Thanksgiving” and the harm the holiday has done/still does today.

We will be watching some videos to learn from and start a discussion. Want to get started now? Here’s some background reading (and more). And a short video
As usual, Stonewall Youth will provide some yummy main course dishes as well as a few sides, and you’re encouraged to bring something tasty to share. This is a great time to show off that amazing dish you make, or to experiment with cooking fabulous new recipes!
Don’t stress if you’re not able to bring anything or only have time to sprint into the store to pick up chips & dip or some non-alcoholic beverages to share! The important thing is that you show up and feast in community with us. No alcohol, please.
We’ll be asking for donations to cover our costs. We’re counting on folks with financial resources to help cover the costs of providing food to youth and other folks in our community who are struggling financially. Any additional income will be applied to the costs of providing our many regular programs for LGBTQ+ youth.
Stonewall Youth is committed to making these monthly potlucks a safer place for all in our community, particularly youth, LGBTQ+ folks, people of color, low-income folks, and elders. Bring your respect!  
Hope to see you there ♥