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Stonewall Youth’s Buying a New Headquarters!

After more than a year of investigating our options, Stonewall Youth signed a lease-to-own agreement on a new building in December of 2016. It’s a fabulous two-story, 4,400 square centrally located building in downtown Olympia.*  We’re moving in on April 15!

It was a long road to get to this exciting place in our quest. Stonewall Youth been super fortunate to share an inexpensive space in downtown Olympia with the Pierce County Aids Foundation and other inspiring organizations for more than seven years. We found out in early 2016 that we would have to move out because of the development plans of the new owner.  At first we thought we would have to leave as early as May of 2016, but we were able to negotiate a longer stay with the new owner. We did a long search for a new suitable and affordable place to lease; along the way, we found some affordable places for sale. After careful consideration, we decided that purchasing a new space would be the most beneficial move to make at this point in Stonewall Youth’s 25th year.

When we learned in the fall of 2016 that one of the places we considered leasing was for sale, we began negotiating a “Lease to Own” contract with the owner. We’re relieved to be soon moving into our new home. We hope to sign a Purchase Agreement by the end of 2017.

JOIN OUR QUEST TO PUCHASE NEW HOME FOR STONEWALL YOUTH!  We’ve already raised more than $60,000 to purchase the building through donations and investments by our supporters.

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*In alignment with our policy of confidentiality, we’re keeping the exact location private for now. With our ownership of the building and our collaboration with PARQC (an organization that will serve LGBTQ+ adults), it may not be possible or desirable to keep the location confidential – we’re having ongoing discussions about this and would appreciate community input on this matter.

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