Due to popular demand, we’ve extended the application deadline for our two youth Program Co-Director positions!!!

Are you interested in helping make Stonewall Youth fabulous?  Youth (21 and under) are invited to apply for our paid staff positions. Applications are due on Friday, August 21 at 5pm.  Looking forward to hearing from you!  PD-youth-announcement-1

PD youth p1a
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We’re hiring two youth (ages 21 or younger) to be our Program Co-Directors

Stonewall Youth is excited to announce that we’re looking for two youth to serve as our Program Co-Directors.  Applications are due at 5pm on August 7.  Each Co-Director will work 6-10 hours per week. The positions are for a maximum of two years, and we’re requesting that each Co-Director make a one year commitment. Please note that while folks need to be 21 or younger to be hired, it’s okay to keep the position after they are older than 21. Please see the job announcement below or click on the attachment for more details!  PD youth announcement (1)
PD youth announcement p1

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It’s that time of year again! Come join us for our annual Stonewall Youth Bowl-A-Thon fundraiser!

On MAY 15th from 6PM to 8PM, let’s bowl our hearts out and work together to raise funds for Stonewall’s invaluable community programs and events! 

Do you know 4 other folks–friends, family, co-workers!–who would love to bowl, dress in costume, win prizes and raise/gather donations? You do?! Then you should be a TEAM CAPTAIN! Team captains assemble a super top-notch team of 5 (captains included) and set out to raise a goal of $500 dollars ($100 per team member) before our big Bowl-a-Thon game! You also get to pick a team theme and dress up! If you’d like to be a team captain please email: dusty@stonewallyouth.org for more information about team captains and a packet for fundraising!

You won’t leave empty handed from this event, however! There will be a free of charge photobooth for you to remember this wonderful night, as well as your extravagant costumes. We also have a handful of extra special prizes for you to win in the following categories:

If you can’t make it to this AWESOME event but would still love to support Stonewall and it’s youth, DON’T WORRY! (:
Visit our page at www.Stonewallyouth.org and you can make either a one-time donation or sign-up for a monthly donation through Network For Good on the right hand column!

Check out our facebook event!


UPDATE: Mini Restructure Retreat

Join us for our mini day long restructure retreat where we will be talking about the current structure of Stonewall Youth and what we need to improve.

At this retreat, we will be making a lot of important decisions regarding the current structure of Stonewall including: How to restructure the program director position, revisiting and revising our policies and code of conduct, recreating our mission statement and more! Stay tuned for a more in depth agenda.

This retreat is open to the greater Stonewall Youth community: current and past youth, volunteers, staff members, interns, board members. If you have been involved in Stonewall and feel that you have insight into how to better restructure the organization so that it aims to meet its purpose and mission, we invite you to attend!

Lunch and snacks will be provided. 

Until then, we have two more Really Radical Restructure (RRR) meetings Wednesdays at 7:00 pm at the Stonewall space! These meetings are where a lot of the prevalent and important topics get discussed. Open to the Stonewall Youth Community.


UPDATE: Community Meetings

Yesterday Stonewall had its 2nd Wednesday Community Meeting! The turnout was great (a variety of current and past youth, interns, board members, previous staff!) The conversation centered around our overall goals for Stonewall Youth, as well as a more pressing overall goal for the structure of the new Program Director job. Even though we were interrupted by a fire alarm (false alarm), we talked about a lot of great ideas and we’re excited to share those at drop ins!

If you can’t make it/don’t come to drops ins and want to be kept in the loop as well as give your input, check out this shared google doc where the notes from each meeting will be posted, and where you can comment on them!


Many people met on Wednesday to talk about the Stonewall Youth restructure!

Volunteers Needed!

STONEWALL YOUTH NEEDS YOU!!! Calling folks from the community who are ages 22 and up: Volunteers are an important aspect of what keeps Stonewall going! Stonewall Youth has been without steady drop in/support group volunteers for a while now. As the SY community starts talking about ways to restructure the organization, one thing we’re talking about is how to better support our amazing volunteers through trainings,volunteer support groups, and appreciation days! We really encourage anyone who has some free time to spare to consider becoming a Stonewall Youth volunteer! Here are 2 (highly needed) volunteer positions available:

Drop-In Hours Staff: 2-3 hours/week:

  • Staff weekly drop in hours for 2 to 3 hour shifts with another volunteer.
  • Facilitate activities such as art projects, movie nights, homework help, etc.
  • Have a consistent schedule (ex: weekly on Wednesdays, bi-monthly, etc.)


Support Group Facilitator: 5p-7pm 1-2 evenings/month.

  • Co-facilitate Stonewall Youth’s weekly support group @ least once a month.
  • Perform intake interviews with new youth attending Group.
  • Provide appropriate feedback for youth when asked.
  • Attend facilitator meetings.
  • Commit to ongoing facilitator training.
  • Facilitators are asked to commit to 1 year of facilitation.

If you are interested in volunteering please fill out a volunteer application  and send it to info@stonewallyouth.org Contact us if you have any questions!


Community Meetings at Stonewall Youth

Stonewall Youth is currently in a period of reconstruction! We as a community are working on addressing some problems with the way Stonewall is currently structured, and we want all the input we can get! Tonight we started the conversation by brainstorming ideas about ways the paid staff positions could be constructed differently to also include paid youth positions. Everyone (youth, past and current volunteers, staff, interns members of the stonewall community in general) is invited to be apart of this continuing and all encompassing conversation about how to better Stonewall Youth!!! Share your input WEDNESDAYS at 7:00pm, right after support group!
We are currently working on ways to expand these community meetings beyond this date and time.