Stonewall is Starting a Queer Oral History Project!

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Do you identify as queer? Have you wondered about the experiences of queers from different generations? If you’re into intergenerational storytelling, then come to Speakers’ Bureau’s queer oral history event!

This workshop will be a jumping off point towards sharing and recording our experiences as queer people in groups in order to mix our stories onto CD’s as well as have a live stream from so folks can listen to our queer histories from the net!

There will then be another follow up event where we will begin compiling work to make into a zine.┬áIf you or someone you know is unable to attend the event, don’t worry! Speakers’ Bureau is also collecting art pieces (comics, drawings, poetry, etc.) to put into a Queer People’s History Zine! There’s a 1,000 word limit to written works and we also request that pieces can fit easily onto a rectangular page. There are a few ways you can submit your art: 1, you can physically drop stuff off at the Stonewall office (there is an envelope on the door). 2, you can email with your attached artwork. Or, 3, you can mail your work to Stonewall at P.O. Box 7383, Olympia, WA 98507

We’re so excited and hope you are too! See you on the 18th!