The Bowl-O-Rama is Stonewall Youth’s annual fundraising extravaganza ending with a family-friendly celebration at the bowling alley! There will be COSTUMES, amazing PRIZES, and of course BOWLING!  For weeks leading up to the bowling celebration, fans of Stonewall Youth will compete in a friendly competition to raise money and help us reach our goal of $8,000 for LGBTQ+ youth programs.
JOIN A TEAM or CREATE A TEAM for the best bowl-o-rama ever! Teams of 5 people do their very best to raise at least $500 ($100 per person) before the Bowl-O-Rama on October 27th. For example, each person can ask 10 people for $10, or 20 people for $5 donations! You can raise money online using our Fundly site at, or in whatever way works best for you. We provide all kinds of info and assistance.  Teams can create a team theme, name, and show up for the event decked out in costumes (costumes and bowling not required!). You’re also welcome to just attend the event on October 27 for an entrance fee of $15-$40.

DON’T LIVE IN OLYMPIA or CAN’T ATTEND THE EVENT? No problem! You can make a CYBER TEAM and still be eligible for certain prizes! Or you can be a BOWLING BUDDY and support a team (or all the teams!) by making a DONATION at

TEAM LEADERS ARE WHAT WE NEED MOST RIGHT NOW, so step up to the lane! We make it as easy as possible for you to via our online tools and packet of materials.  If you’re interested in joining a team or creating a team, send a quick note to We’ll set you up with everything you need!